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tv   Book Discussion on i Gods  CSPAN  August 2, 2014 5:45pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> tell me about your reading habits. >> i read one book per week for public policy horror biography or escapism. i tend to do cereal mystery is so i will read everything he or she has written. but i just love historysbsb3br]o read history it has a lot of relevance. k you so mu.
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>> host: you're watching booktv on c-span2 on location malibu california as part of the university serious where we visit colleges and talk to professors or also authors. joining us now is craig detweiler with the book "igods" how technology shapes our spiritual and social lives" before we get
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into that what you teach? >> a film maker first. i teach production coming film writing and help to navigate the entertainment industry. >> host: also director for the center of the entertainment. is that part of your professorship? >> it is a think tank, media and culture impact each other onu)> both sides how it shapes the conversation and how students can figure out
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that i wanted to figure out how they built their software with their relationship to each other.
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>> and you quote from your theology my bet it is technology is the better mayor of guide it is a pitcher of cheeses with a laptop. he has the whole world in his hand is what we're thinking. [laughter] so he is one of the early editors of "wired" magazine looking at how we organize our lives and how in juniors structure things the way god could be the original technologist. with that human genome project that was headed up to what degree as a
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reflection are rewired your encoded in the organized fashion? and did what role does he play in all of that. >> host: are you worried about how much time we spend on technology? >> yes. as a parent of a 14 year-old and 12 year-old we deal with a lot of technology in the household. with all that information what does that do? to help them deal with that. it is too much information so how do we sort through everything tugging at our attention.
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>> host: jesus was more than that carpet salesman? [laughter] >> everybody knows he was the son of a carpenter put the word is tacked on. it could be as we enter the century we come to think of jesus as more than somebody who was good with his hands was see more of the builder or an engineer? maybe need to look not to the front of the editorial of but the back always figuring out how to tweak things. >> host: three idolizes technology? >> guest: i think when i
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allowed it to be the first thing i interact with at in the morning and the lasting at night it orders my day. the mechanical clock was developed to order the day to understand there is a time for working and prayer with the smart phones to dictate the hours. i wonder if the relationship is a little too intense for the closest companion. do we need to turn that off occasionally to power down or to power up? >> yes. our family loves to leave the phones behind.
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isn't that supposed to be time away? time to think time to wonder and need for space to be surprised what is in front of us to tell us what is next. >> is that tough to do? >> guest: it is very hard to separate from technology. i have been a sign it right out students to put it away for 24 hours with no cellphone use with the computers or laptops and it'll most drives them crazy my parents will wonder what i am doing or where am i. it seems very harry when
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they begin but as day turnoff they suddenly get more clarity and focus maybe one weeks of homework in one afternoon because they can concentrate on one thing instead of fragmented. >> are their students that can do it? >> son confess how hard it is maybe they would sneak a peek maybe when they hear the click but what i find they are remarkably received by the things that is always beckoning them. then they start to wonder to have electronic sabahs.
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>> host: is it possible to be a good christian craig detweiler and b technology focused? >> guest: i hope so. i am. on facebook and twitter nobody interacts with social media but i just tried to appreciate the genius of the "igods" like steve jobs and the engineers they have redefined the world in amazing ways of too much information and have helped us to bring order to the chaos. when life still feels a little chaotic. i guess i try to challenge all people question to what degree and to realize the
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limits. >> host: i just want to knows the significance of days ago sent steve jobs real fathers. >> guest: you have such talented or superior and driven people so why is it apple and amazon that there's so relentless that both did not know their fathers. and then to have this relentless pursuit to be at the top to be number one. i respect them but i also
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wonder at what point if they're satisfied to be happy. >> what is the problem with the facebook like? >> there is not the dislike so now you have bad news to share people's only option is to like it. yes i degree you lost your job. what do i do? so you are forced to make your news positive even if something is bad to frame that some people say i like that. that is a problem with these human emotions so to play with that the software
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forces you to be positive and it deserves a thumbs-up. >> is technology interfering with teaching? >> every teacher i think struggles with technology in the classroom. . .
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they are allowed to have all media access possible. >> why? >> because there will never be a time in their workplace they are cut off from those resources, so to test them by saying what can you remember from your head or memorize is not a test. the moment kids are in the have access to all the information so the question is how can you sort through the options in a limited timeframe isn't that the challenge of the workplace given all the options? how do you see through things? how do you analyze and make wise decisions given almost too many options? >> you end up with the question is technology


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